I remember back when he was in office, Democrats defending Bill Clinton on the basis of his marital infidelity being a private issue, one not bearing on his ability to lead America. Republicans, of course, gave him hell and as a result the remainder of his time in office — as I remember it — was fairly tumultuous.

So now we find out that Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin’s unwed daughter is five-months pregnant.

I’ll be the first to say that is a regrettable situation, but I hope Democrats will be consistent: What bearing does such a situation have on Sarah Palin’s ability to lead America in the role of Vice President?

Bristol Palin is seventeen years old. Let her parents deal with the parenting, and shut up about it.

Any Democrat who brings up Bristol’s pregnancy in order to cast a negative light on Sarah Palin’s candidacy should keep in mind that Bristol is the child of the Vice Presidential hopeful. It’s not like she’s the President or anything…

7 thoughts on “Consistency”

  1. It is an unfortunate distraction, but I think little will come of it in the political arena. Yesterday, Barack Obama made the comment that family is off limits. For some reason his comment really annoys me, as if he has become the arbiter of what the people can and cannot talk about (even though I agree with him, at least when it comes to children). I like Sarah Palin, and am happy that McCain made a bold choice.

  2. I meant Sarah Palin herself for not taking care of her family first and instead leaving her special needs son and preganant daughter behind so she can go one the campaign trail. And of course, to be consistant. Don’t believe the Republicans giving Sarah Palin “hell” would cost nearly as much as it did to Impeach President Clinton.

  3. Sandi: You’ve told me before that you think abortion is wrong, that people are people prior to being born.

    Be consistent. If you care so much about Sarah Palin’s children and her treatment of them, then don’t vote to elect a man who favors legal abortion and will do nothing to end the murder of millions.

  4. Sandi palin has not been “taking care of her family first and instead leaving her special needs son and pregnant daughter behind so she can go on the campaign trail”?! Your concern for her family is touching. Nevermind that her family was right beside her in Ohio last week. I can only assume, based on your obvious concern for family, that you don’t want Barack Obama leaving his two young daughter’s behind while running for President. Oh wait. They aren’t special needs and/or pregnant, so I guess leaving them behind is ok.

  5. Palin had her family with her for the speech. I am equally as concerned if she is dragging them everywhere she goes. Obama’s children have a mother at home with them and when she isn’t home they stay with her mother. I am really not much on women are not equal to men, but sick and troubled kids need and usually want their mothers. And Rick, I believe you agreed to something along the lines that women can lead outside to home only if there home is in good shape. I only work at Walmart and would be taking a leave of absence if I had a newborn, special needs child or pregnant teen–let alone all three. I have a good and capable husband, but it is my place to take care of my child.

    Rick, I have expressed I think abortion is wrong, but also a personal choice. I am more worried about the lives we are effecting with an unjust war then I am about a womans personal choice. She has to live with that personal decision, not me. I have to live with the choice of who I vote for.

    Again, I will agree to disagree.

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