Caprice No. 24

Look­ing up the neo-clas­si­cal heavy met­al musi­cian Yng­wie Malm­steen on Wikipedia led me to an arti­cle I would­n’t have expect­ed to land on, the arti­cle for Paganini’s Caprice No. 24, a com­po­si­tion for the violin.

Evi­dent­ly, Pagani­ni was one of Malm­steen’s biggest influ­ences (would that make Pagani­ni roll over in his grave, or would he be proud?), and a por­tion of Caprice No. 24 even made it into one of Malm­steen’s works in 2000, albeit adapt­ed for the elec­tric guitar.

I was curi­ous what Caprice No. 24 sound­ed like, though. Accord­ing to its Wikipedia arti­cle, it’s one of the most demand­ing com­po­si­tions for the vio­lin and few vio­lin play­ers ever acquire the skills to play it completely.

Here’s a video I found on YouTube:

Welp, I’m impressed. I’ve nev­er seen any­one play the fid­dle vio­lin like that. I don’t mean to cheap­en the per­for­mance or piece with this, but around the 1:45 mark I could­n’t help but be remind­ed of heavy met­al gui­tar solos. The rest of the piece was great. Browse around on YouTube for more ren­di­tions of it, includ­ing one report­ed­ly by a five-year-old!

(If you’re won­der­ing what this has to do with either “King­dom” or “Geek,” well, then, I’m sor­ry you did­n’t appre­ci­ate the video as I’m hop­ing some of you will.)






3 responses to “Caprice No. 24”

  1. Gregory Pittman Avatar
    Gregory Pittman

    Thanks for post­ing this video, Rick. I’ve been in music a long time and haven’t seen any­thing like it. The pizzi­ca­to sec­tion from ~3:08–3:25 was amaz­ing; my jaw dropped when I saw it. The whole per­for­mance deserved an imme­di­ate stand­ing ovation.

  2. John Avatar

    Well, I can def­i­nite­ly see the con­nec­tion to “Geek,” which is why I enjoyed it.

  3. kristarella Avatar

    Wow! Amaz­ing that one person/one instru­ment can cre­ate such a beau­ti­ful, rich and full sound. Amaz­ing skills!

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