Can’t We All Just Get Along?

My interest in the latest tech news over at Slashdot occasionally allows me to cross paths with atheist hilarity, and at other times posts which almost seem like the person is seeking validation for not being a Christian. I found this one moments ago, and it seems to fall into the latter category. And I’ll do my best to respond to the questions. The post comes from Jackie_Chan_Fan:

why do you need to Jesus to have a relationship with god?

Because He is the Door; like it or not, God has determined that anyone who tries to reach Him via any other method but through Him is the same as a thief and a liar. Is it not for God to decide how man shall come to Him? What better way to come to God than through God Himself?

Why do i need a church?

For fellowship. For support. For growth. For protection. For friendship. For markedly being different from the world around you by identifying yourself with Christ through His body.

However, if you’re asking why you need a church in order to go to Heaven, the answer is simple: You don’t.

Why do i need a systemic beleif system that profits of the goodwill of its flock?

Many denominations do profit; that’s their problem. Someone who preaches the gospel ought to be able to live by it–evangelists and missionaries ought to be able to be provided for if they devote their whole lives to spreading the word without time for a 9-5 job. If a church is profiting in order to buy “bigger and better” things or to provide the pastor with a luxurious salary, that may indicate a problem (actually, it probably does). The goodwill of the flock ought to be toward caring for the widowed, the sick, the needy, etc. That is pure religion, the way the Bible teaches it.

Why cant i just love god and be a good person for whatever god is, or may not be?

Because in order for you to do this, you must create a god suitable to you and then apply to that god whatever morals you want it to have (presumably the same as yours), and then you will have a(n imaginary) god which accepts you.

The point of the Bible is that regardless of whether men exist or not, God exists, and implicit in His nature is the knowledge of good and evil. Sin is sin whether we want it to be or not. Similarly, good is good whether we want it to be or not. And the nature of both is equally beyond our control. For us to love God, we must keep His commandments. Without the Bible, men are only following themselves or other men, and when the blind lead to blind, it will inevitably lead to the pit.

Why does one have to be in a cult to get some place?

Depends on how you define “cult.” Within biblical christendom, a cult is any group which corrupts the gospel of grace by either denying the deity of Christ or by creating a works-based path to salvation. Within this definition, the Mormons, Watchtower Society, Roman Catholics, and other pseudochristian groups are a “cult.”

If, however, you define “cult” as a group with unwavering loyalty to another (which is the more broad term), most churches still don’t fit the bill. Christians must scrutinize and judge anyone who would teach them, lest they be led astray with false doctrine. A cult’s members aren’t typically critical of their leader(s).

If the unwavering loyalty to Christ, however, constitutes a cult, so be it. I know of no other person to be 100% loyal to than God Himself.

Heaven, Halebob, burned to the ground in Waco… It seems whenever a group of people get together in the name of god, they seem to miss the entire message of god.

Exactly what is the “message of god”? We have the Bible, the very word of God to man, and in it it says that we ought to assemble ourselves together. Any “message of god” which teaches something contrary is, put simply, damnable.

I wont claim to know what god wants… but it sure as [heck] cant be hating each other over sexual preferences, fairy tales, or exploiting the poor to become even more wealthier.

The apostles–the ones who the churches of Christ have as their foundation–were themselves poor. They rid themselves of practically all that they had in order to serve Christ fully. They did not exploit others, nor were they exploited.

Further, Christians do not hate others. We hate sins, certainly, and those who willfully continue to sin in spite of the laws of God will probably miss out on that love. Remember: It is the love of God which Christians share with others, and throughout the Bible those who willfully sinned were never given love, they were given abhoration, detestation, hate, and judgment.

If those characteristics occasionally show up in a Christian, they can only be faulted for mirroring God, who they are seeking to be more like.

I’m sure as [heck] national health care is a good “christian” thing to do, yet so many seem to be against it.

Actually, it isn’t. A good “Christian government” would do what the Bible says a government’s responsibility is–to reward the good and punish the evil. Most governments, even America’s, do far too little of both. Christians are called to care for those who need caring for, not governments, which incidentally have been and will be under Satan’s direct influence until the Millennial Day commences.

Ah well.. GOD.. who knows what he, she, it, wants… Lets just be nice to each other… i think thats the whole point.

How can someone with confessedly little to no knowledge of God claim to know what the whole point is?

Know God. Meet Him by grace through faith in Christ Jesus the Lord. Come boldly before the throne of grace and take in His wisdom. Then, and only then, can you accurately know what “the whole point” is.

Be nice to each other. Great. (So few Christ-rejectors do, as evidenced in their attitude toward Christians…) But in Christ, we’re given the ability and the command to love one another… No, more than that, we’re told to have charity amongst each other. Only in Christ can such fellowship exist.

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