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I noticed in my website stats that somebody arrived here after a Google search for calvinism arminianism middle ground.

Certainly, I can only speculate as to what their intentions were — were they already an Arminian or Calvinist and were simply interested in how people compromise either position? Were they sincerely trying to find the middle ground, believing truth to reside at neither end of the spectrum?

Whatever the case may be, I once took up residence on that middle ground. I believed in Perseverance of the Saints, yet denied Total Depravity. I believed in election, but in a way which allowed man to choose whether or not to be elected or not.

The middle ground, however, turned up barren. Sure, the doctrines taught there sounded good when preached. The middle ground allowed Christians to have their cake — a secure salvation — and eat it too, of their own volition rather than by sovereign decree.

There are far too many Scriptures which have their plain senses twisted & tangled to support residence on the middle ground, though. There are far too many statements made by Jesus Himself that have their plain senses mangled to support it!

Such wresting of the Word of God is wholly unnecessary when they are viewed as a Calvinist. The plain sense of the Scriptures is allowed to shine through, while at the same time being supported by thorough & scholarly discernment of the Word (i.e., exegesis).

As a former middle ground resident, those of you still occupying it, you have my prayers that you would leave that place & find a rich understanding of the Bible in the fertile land which is uncompromised Reformed theology.

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