Brief Ideas Re: Semantic Blog Posts

  • Remember and utilize semantic markup to make your posts meaningful even within non-standard browsers, such as audio or text-only. The mezzoblue Markup Guide is helpful.
  • Use EM tags only when you are wanting to emphasize text. If you are wanting to italicize such as foreign words or titles, use a SPAN tag with an appropriate class, such as “foreign” or “title.”
  • When using foreign words, mark them as such using SPAN tags while specifying the lang attribute. Here is an example of how a foreign phrase could be marked up: <span class="foreign" lang="la">Sola Scriptura</span>.
  • If you wish to italicize publication titles, create a CSS class such as “title” and give it the appropriate style definitions, such as font-style: italic.
  • In both the “foreign” and “publication titles” examples, you are not limited to just SPAN tags! If a link happens to be a foreign phrase, the class and language can be applied directly to the A tag; the same is true if the link is a publication or movie title: simply apply the “title” class to the link itself, and it will be styled appropriately.
  • CITE your sources and use BLOCKQUOTE to denote quoted material, not to indent your own text.
  • If you use abbreviations, don’t be afraid to mark them up with ABBR tags with a title attribute expanding the abbreviation. Abbreviations very widely depending on who is using them, but by defining your abbreviation within the tag itself, you guard yourself against misunderstandings regarding an abbreviation’s actual meaning.
  • Educate yourself. Understanding and using semantic markup in your blog posts is simply A Good Thing. It benefits users of alternative browsers, it adds meaning to the actual markup of your text, it allows more finely tuned styling, and it helps such as search engines make more sense out of what is being said.

The above are just a few things I have come up with or encountered while blogging, and I would love to hear others’ ideas for making blog entries even more semantically rich.

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