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I want to take a moment and introduce a new service/ministry which I am very happy to be able to provide, a service which I have dubbed the “Brethren Bloggers.”

It’s difficult to get your blog noticed; this I know from experience. Brethren Bloggers provides, in a way, a means of “sharing” traffic between similar blogs. What I mean by that is while someone may be reading the Brethren Bloggers feed for content collected by other members’ blogs, your content will also show up as well. And if your content piques the reader’s curiousity, the Brethren Bloggers feed has done its job.

And, I wanted an easy way to get quick updates for the sites I enjoy delivered in one seamless manner. My necessity is the mother of this service. :)

Further, at this point, there is no established “Statement of Faith” of Brethren Bloggers, nor a manner in which bloggers may request to be included. What this means is that currently the only blogs included in the aggregation are those which I find and enjoy and which jive well with fundamental biblical truths. So the next obvious question would concern how you could make me aware of your blogging. Typically, I don’t randomly surf the web. I’m much more likely to visit your site if you are an active member of either the Fellowship Hall or the Brethren Apologetics Forums.

Much more work remains to be done on the Brethren Bloggers site, but I am glad to see that someone has already added the feed as a Live Bookmark in their Firefox browser. Whoever you are, grazie!

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