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I want to take a moment and intro­duce a new service/ministry which I am very hap­py to be able to pro­vide, a ser­vice which I have dubbed the “Brethren Blog­gers.”

It’s dif­fi­cult to get your blog noticed; this I know from expe­ri­ence. Brethren Blog­gers pro­vides, in a way, a means of “shar­ing” traf­fic between sim­i­lar blogs. What I mean by that is while some­one may be read­ing the Brethren Blog­gers feed for con­tent col­lect­ed by oth­er mem­bers’ blogs, your con­tent will also show up as well. And if your con­tent piques the read­er’s curi­ousi­ty, the Brethren Blog­gers feed has done its job.

And, I want­ed an easy way to get quick updates for the sites I enjoy deliv­ered in one seam­less man­ner. My neces­si­ty is the moth­er of this service. :)

Fur­ther, at this point, there is no estab­lished “State­ment of Faith” of Brethren Blog­gers, nor a man­ner in which blog­gers may request to be includ­ed. What this means is that cur­rent­ly the only blogs includ­ed in the aggre­ga­tion are those which I find and enjoy and which jive well with fun­da­men­tal bib­li­cal truths. So the next obvi­ous ques­tion would con­cern how you could make me aware of your blog­ging. Typ­i­cal­ly, I don’t ran­dom­ly surf the web. I’m much more like­ly to vis­it your site if you are an active mem­ber of either the Fel­low­ship Hall or the Brethren Apolo­get­ics Forums.

Much more work remains to be done on the Brethren Blog­gers site, but I am glad to see that some­one has already added the feed as a Live Book­mark in their Fire­fox brows­er. Who­ev­er you are, gra­zie!

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Rick Beckman