Bot/Script for Protecting/Managing an IRC Channel?

I have an IRC channel set up on DALnet (#brethren if you’re interested, though it is unlikely anyone will be there very often right now, and if I’m there, I’ll probably be away, just as I am on other chat protocols daily).

But before announcing this as the official chat destination of the various community/ministry sites I’m involved with, I want to have a means of protecting the channel when operators (myself included) are away. People are always welcome to go and fellowship, and I’m not happy with locking it when no one is there.

So, I’m looking for a script/add-on that can be installed on top of another instance of mIRC which would run constantly in the channel with operator privileges which is capable of enforcing rudimentary rules (i.e., kick/bans on definable vulgarities), as well as perhaps providing entertainment to those who are there as well (quiz games, random quotes, and other frivolties that are a staple of IRC).

Ease of installation and customization is a priority. I found this, but I can’t figure out how to get the thing to work, though I will likely keep trying because I am stubborn.

So, in summary:

I need a script or add-on for mIRC which will stay logged into an IRC channel of my choosing to provide security and protection features for both the channel and its operators, including but not limited to profanity, flooding, and so on. Entertainment features are also desirable.

I do not want to have to manually “be” the script; I should be able to minimize it to the tray in mIRC and run it with minimal interaction within the channel itself via my actual user using another instance of mIRC.

Get all that? *phew* What a mouthful!

Hopefully someone can recommend something helpful!

Update: We’re happily using DreamBot now. Everyone is welcome to come check out our chat. You can find very quick instructions at :)

2 thoughts on “Bot/Script for Protecting/Managing an IRC Channel?”

  1. Aye man, you need to check out EggDrop, as it is the oldest (but in no way the least) of the IRC bot programs today. I have never set one up, as when I was running my own IRC, I didn;t have the access on my server to have one running. Soon though, and thiss will be my bot of choice, as it is the most powerful and effective on the planet (and that iss aabsolutely no joke). As far as ease of use, it should be fairly simple, and because it is as old as it is, the documentation is vvery clear and precise.

  2. I’m uncertain whether I can run Eggdrop on my current hosting account. I’ll have to poke around and see if that is allowed or not.

    I remember having a pretty decent protection script almost a year ago, but I can’t remember at all where I found it or what it was called.

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