Bot/Script for Protecting/Managing an IRC Channel?

I have an IRC chan­nel set up on DAL­net (#brethren if you’re inter­est­ed, though it is unlike­ly any­one will be there very often right now, and if I’m there, I’ll prob­a­bly be away, just as I am on oth­er chat pro­to­cols daily).

But before announc­ing this as the offi­cial chat des­ti­na­tion of the var­i­ous community/ministry sites I’m involved with, I want to have a means of pro­tect­ing the chan­nel when oper­a­tors (myself includ­ed) are away. Peo­ple are always wel­come to go and fel­low­ship, and I’m not hap­py with lock­ing it when no one is there.

So, I’m look­ing for a scrip­t/add-on that can be installed on top of anoth­er instance of mIRC which would run con­stant­ly in the chan­nel with oper­a­tor priv­i­leges which is capa­ble of enforc­ing rudi­men­ta­ry rules (i.e., kick/bans on defin­able vul­gar­i­ties), as well as per­haps pro­vid­ing enter­tain­ment to those who are there as well (quiz games, ran­dom quotes, and oth­er fri­v­ol­ties that are a sta­ple of IRC).

Ease of instal­la­tion and cus­tomiza­tion is a pri­or­i­ty. I found this, but I can’t fig­ure out how to get the thing to work, though I will like­ly keep try­ing because I am stubborn.

So, in summary:

I need a script or add-on for mIRC which will stay logged into an IRC chan­nel of my choos­ing to pro­vide secu­ri­ty and pro­tec­tion fea­tures for both the chan­nel and its oper­a­tors, includ­ing but not lim­it­ed to pro­fan­i­ty, flood­ing, and so on. Enter­tain­ment fea­tures are also desirable.

I do not want to have to man­u­al­ly “be” the script; I should be able to min­i­mize it to the tray in mIRC and run it with min­i­mal inter­ac­tion with­in the chan­nel itself via my actu­al user using anoth­er instance of mIRC.

Get all that? *phew* What a mouthful!

Hope­ful­ly some­one can rec­om­mend some­thing helpful!

Update: We’re hap­pi­ly using Dream­Bot now. Every­one is wel­come to come check out our chat. You can find very quick instruc­tions at :)

2 thoughts on “Bot/Script for Protecting/Managing an IRC Channel?”

  1. Aye man, you need to check out EggDrop, as it is the old­est (but in no way the least) of the IRC bot pro­grams today. I have nev­er set one up, as when I was run­ning my own IRC, I didn;t have the access on my serv­er to have one run­ning. Soon though, and thiss will be my bot of choice, as it is the most pow­er­ful and effec­tive on the plan­et (and that iss aab­solute­ly no joke). As far as ease of use, it should be fair­ly sim­ple, and because it is as old as it is, the doc­u­men­ta­tion is vvery clear and precise.

  2. I’m uncer­tain whether I can run Eggdrop on my cur­rent host­ing account. I’ll have to poke around and see if that is allowed or not.

    I remem­ber hav­ing a pret­ty decent pro­tec­tion script almost a year ago, but I can’t remem­ber at all where I found it or what it was called.

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