Bible Cigarettes?

If you’ve ever want­ed clear evi­dence of how peo­ple can view the Bible, here it is: Inmates in a Clark Coun­ty, Arkansas, prison used pages from Bibles to roll up chew­ing tobac­co to smoke, after cig­a­rettes were banned. All tobac­co prod­ucts have since been banned. 
True life may only be found in the word of God, and these men burned it in the name of sin.

Chris­tians in restric­tive nations hunger for the word of God, and these men burned it in the name of sin.

It has been said by way of cliché’ that noth­ing is sacred. I’m not sure that is entire­ly true; rather, a dras­tic rever­sal has tak­en place: to the world, evil and sin are sacred, while holi­ness and the word of God are trod­den under foot. And not just only in America.






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Rick Beckman