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Bare Your Book­shelf: The aver­age Amer­i­can Chris­t­ian own 9 Bibles and is active­ly in the mar­ket for more. The aver­age third world pas­tor has zero Bibles for which to min­is­ter to the flock.

For my part, I have four pock­et New Tes­ta­ments, one study New Tes­ta­ment, two “plain” Bibles, and eight study Bibles. I would­n’t be sur­prised if there are more else­where, but those con­sti­tute what I can see from where I’m sit­ting. My wife has a cou­ple also, and the total num­ber of Bibles in our house­hold to well beyond a dozen. And then there’s elec­tron­ic ver­sions I have on my com­put­er, not to men­tion vir­tu­al­ly unlim­it­ed access to just about any ver­sion imag­in­able via the internet.

And I am active­ly “in the mar­ket” for more, hav­ing placed a study Bible on a wish list.

When it comes to the Word of God, I am spoiled. So spoiled in fact that sev­er­al of those Bibles I have list­ed have nev­er been read from by me, let alone stud­ied for any length of time.

For all of what we’re taught about the impor­tance of the Bible, the pre­em­i­nence of it in wor­ship, the author­i­ty of it in our lives, and the com­plete inabil­i­ty of know­ing God accu­rate­ly and suf­fi­cient­ly with­out… For all of that, we bury our­selves under count­less Bibles as if we were a Hot Wheels col­lec­tor avid­ly look­ing for every car, every paint job, every vari­a­tion to com­plete his set.

All the while, our brethren in lands of less abun­dance are mak­ing due with­out the com­plete Bible. What frag­ments of it they can get, they trea­sure. Pas­tors min­is­ter from mem­o­ry, a task which I would be afraid to do, as mis­us­ing or mis­ap­ply­ing God’s Word would more eas­i­ly be done with­out it set before me to read from.

If you are a reg­u­lar read­er, I sur­mise that you like­ly have an abun­dance of Bibles as well, per­haps even extra study mate­r­i­al for which to sup­ple­ment one’s under­stand­ing of Scrip­ture (lex­i­cons, dic­tio­nar­ies, etc.). If you do, con­sid­er request­ing a mail bag from Bare Your Book­shelf; I just did. Send your unused mate­r­i­al out to those who hunger and thirst for the Word of God, for that which we so often and so eas­i­ly take for granted.

If Jesus is the Rea­son for the Sea­son, what bet­ter way to cel­e­brate Him than in the fur­ther­ance of His Word!

5 thoughts on “Bare Your Bookshelf”

  1. Def­i­nite­ly feel bad, to think there are ones who want a Bible and don’t have any.

    I have:

    Ryrie Study Bible
    Nel­son study Bible
    New­ber­ry Study Bible
    Mor­ris’ Defend­er’s Study Bible
    Bullinger Study Bible
    ESV Ref­or­ma­tion Study Bible
    a tiny one I car­ry in my jacket
    A par­al­lel New Testament
    oh and even a New World Trans­la­tion for apolo­getic study pur­pos­es :) (but would we count that a Bible?)

    That’s all I can think of right now. Know some­one who seri­ous­ly needs a bible and will use it? Glad to give the Ryrie away :)


  2. The Ryrie Study Bible was my first leather-bound study Bible, and I still love it. If I use a King James Ver­sion, it’s my Ryrie typically.

    Regard­ing study Bibles I have:

    The Evi­dence Bible
    The NIV Study Bible
    The New Oxford Anno­tat­ed Bible
    The Ryrie Study Bible
    The Tim Lahaye Prophe­cy Study Bible
    The End Times Bible
    The Scofield Study Bible
    The Thomp­son Chain Ref­er­ence Study Bible
    And I feel like I’m for­get­ting one even…

    I use the Scofield and the Thomp­son Chain most often.

  3. I’m debat­ing whether or not I should pur­chase the Gene­va Bible 1599 edi­tion. What do you guys think?

    I only have three Bibles, and I actu­al­ly plan on giv­ing up two of them. Unless, Rick, do you know if I can send a Bible that has high­light­ing in it? Because if not, then I’ll only be send­ing one of them.

  4. As long as the book is still in good shape and can stand up to being used for study and preach­ing, I’m sure it’d be fine to send. High­light­ing and mar­gin notes would­n’t make the book unus­able, I’d think.

  5. Thanks, that’s what I fig­ured. But, I did­n’t know if they want­ed mint con­di­tion or not. Thanks!

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