Barack Obama’s Double-Speak

I wonder if it was physically painful for Newsweek to actually print this? Don’t often hear criticism of the Obamessiah in the mainstream media, but it was only a matter of time before their whitewashing became totally insufficient to cover the sordid facts.

Barack Obama is a great pretender. He constantly says he’s doing things that he isn’t, and he relies on his powerful rhetoric to obscure the difference.

Hat tip: The Real Revo

1 thought on “Barack Obama’s Double-Speak”

  1. The guy is still in campaign mode. I seriously doubt he expected to become president. His community organizer experience has become very transparent now.

    Yesterday Warren Buffett and Jack Welch said everything he’s doing is wrong. Instead of focusing on fixing the economy we get to hear speech after speech of “flowery rhetoric” about mutual sacrifice and change. In reality there is no effort to stop the economic bloodletting. Instead, investors, large and small, are siding on the sidelines waiting for a bone that doesn’t require all of us to lose what we’ve worked hard to earn.

    I hope you don’t continue to lose your credibility with the obamatons. :)

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