Baby, It’s Cold Outside

1°, Baby!
1°, Baby!
Okay, I realize it’s the middle of the night and that there are far colder places out there, but brrr. I’m not used to this sort of frigidity! It’s times like this that I’m reminded to be conscious of those who work outside or who volunteer their time for others, such as the Salvation Army bell ringers.

I’m no stranger to working outside, albeit in short periods at a time, and the thought of being out in weather like this for more than a few moments at a time is dreadful.

Be extra kind and, in the spirit of the season, generous to those around you who are freezing their butts off to help make the world go round.

1 thought on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

  1. What is this ‘cold’ weather of which you speak. 1F is warm. It was -31F with a wind chill to -45F here teh other week, and I still went out into an open field to play hockey.

    /me beats on his monkey chest.

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