Archaeologists Find Jesus’ Body! Gospels Untrue! OMG!!!!!1111 BBQ!!!one!!1!1!!!

Okay, so perhaps I’m not that excited, nor do I agree in any with that proclamation. However, I have been seeing it pop up on message boards, news sites, and blogs all over the Net for the past couple of days, and so I at least wanted to mention it:

A burial site in Jerusalem which contained the inscriptions of six well-known biblical figures has been found. One of these figures is “Jesus, Son of Joseph”; the others are presumed to all be his family.

Apparently this will be the subject of an upcoming documentary, brought to us by one of Hollywood’s most well-known directors, James Cameron. This is being unveiled during the holiest time of year for many Christians — the period of Lent leading up to Resurrection Sunday (or, if you must, Easter). I doubt anyone has ever stated that Cameron doesn’t have a flare for marketing…

So far, the best write-up I have seen about this situation — from any source, for or against Christianity — has been given over at CARM. I highly recommend it to anyone interest in this latest archaeological development, and you’ll also get to check out the shiny new design they’re now sporting at CARM.

4 thoughts on “Archaeologists Find Jesus’ Body! Gospels Untrue! OMG!!!!!1111 BBQ!!!one!!1!1!!!”

  1. The thing that amazes me is that we can’t even determine who (out of the five men claiming the “honor”) the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby is…BUT James Cameron can unequivocally state that a 2000-year-old coffin contained the bones of Jesus–based on DNA??!! Compared to what??

  2. The CARM link has an offer for a free book! This is one of those moments I wish I was a US resident. I encourage everyone to grab their free copy if they can, just because it is a free book.

    Have you grabbed your copy, Rick? It’s called “Tortured for Christ”.

  3. I have, yeah, but from another site almost a decade ago, it seems like. I don’t think I ever read it. I’m a bibliophile in that I collect books. I don’t always read them… Unless they really, really catch my interest.

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