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Dr. Ron Paul
Dr. Ron Paul
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Running through January 4th, AOL News currently features a Presidential campaign straw poll that you can take part in!

Currently in the lead by just over 5,000 votes is our future President, Dr. Ron Paul. Second place belongs to Mayor Giuliani. Those are among the Republican candidates, of course. On the Democratic side, Hilary Clinton is in a frightening overall lead with ~10,000 more votes than Dr. Paul. Obama is slightly behind Paul, trailing by a meager 100 votes or so.

I’m glad to see Dr. Paul continuing to enjoy great success in the online polls; whether that translates into success in the upcoming primaries and caucuses remains to be seen.

At the very least, what success he is enjoying is showing that there are a great many people in America who are ready for a change, a shift toward the America prescribed in the Constitution, of limited federal government — by, of, and for the people — and more authority being given back to local & state level governments where it belongs & where it will better represent the people it is being governed.

Go, vote. And when the primaries roll around, write Ron Paul in if you have to!

Hat tip: Justin

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