An Anti-Evolution Rant

It is deeply mysterious to me how any one — especially those who know the truth and have believed into Jesus — can embrace evolution as even a possibility of man’s origins.

Exodus 20:11 states, “For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy” (emphasis mine).

That is very plain to me. It leaves very little room to finagle it into meaning something else. Perhaps you believe Moses wrote in various metaphors because the poor Israelites were too dumb to understand the truth and had to be spoken down to by mixing truth with the pagan creation myths that they were familiar with. If that is what you believe, perhaps you are too dumb blind deceived to understand the truth? Twisting such an inane interpretation into accounts of creation is ridiculous when compared to just how immensely deep the rest of the Scriptures are! Some of the most brilliant minds ever have studied the Book and have yet to exhaust its riches or to expound all of its truths! And we’re to expect that regarding Creation, God thought man was too dumb to understand “you came from animals” and so He utilized the lie, “You came directly from dust?” Right.

If Creation is merely metaphor, there would have been no reason for the Israelites to keep the Sabbath because there was never a seventh day upon which God rested. If Adam & Eve were merely metaphor, then there was no Fall and man has no sin nature and all the lost people of the world may actually be right in believing that man is “basically good” rather than morally bankrupt and wholly sinful through and through. If there was no first Adam, there is absolutely no reason for there to have been a last Adam, or maybe that was all a huge metaphor also and there is nothing at all literal in the Bible? If the first several pages of Scripture are plain lies, why believe anything else afterward!?

If you want to be a Christian, why is it so hard to simply believe as Jesus did? In Mark 10:6, He references the human race as being male & female “from the beginning of the creation,” a plain reference to the activity of Genesis 1:27. Was Jesus, the Creator Himself, confused? Did He really mean “from a few billion years into the creation, man has been male and female”?

This kind of reasoning is familiar. It’s the same kind of reasoning that the Roman Catholics use to make Peter the first pope or the Jehovah’s Witnesses use to rob Jesus of His Deity. It is a reasoning which throws the Reformation gem of “Scripture Alone” into the toilet, flushes, and mingles what’s left of the authority given the Scriptures with a substitute authority — a Book of Mormon, a Catechism of the Catholic Church, or perhaps even evolutionary science.

The Bible is authoritative in whatever area it speaks, and it certainly speaks of man’s origins. If anything speaks otherwise — science, cults, or even a voice from Heaven — it must be tried against the words of Scriptures. And guess what? Authority is not given us to wrest the Scriptures to fit another authority; the rule does not bend to that which is being measured, for it would distort or break and be worthless for measuring. Likewise is the Scriptures. Taken alone, the Words are pure and are an excellent guide. But the moment someone wants to bend the Words to fit another authority, suddenly nothing at all makes sense for the rule is no longer true.

13 thoughts on “An Anti-Evolution Rant”

  1. Woot! Hello, I am Justin, and I approve this message! (Hahaha, a little politics commercial humor.)

    I really hate it when evolutionists say that evolution contradicts the Bible. No! It is the other way around! The Bible contradicts evolution. Why should science have to set the standard? It shouldn’t. Yet, alas, many Christians believe it does and in doing so rob God’s glory in creation.

    “If Adam & Eve were merely metaphor, then there was no Fall and man has no sin nature and all the lost people of the world may actually be right in believing that man is “basically goodâ€? rather than morally bankrupt and wholly sinful through and through.”

    And if all people are “basically good” then there was no need for Jesus, no need for salvation, no need for redemption. In the words of Henry Morrison, “It all goes… Back to Genesis!” Hahaha!

    If anyone wants a good website about creation, check out

  2. You know what, I’ll be studying evolution in biology class in a couple days. I’m debating whether I should sit in and possibly suppress all rage against it or go to the counselor and see if there is something I can do instead of evolution. I will NOT take a test that makes me say evolution is the way we were created. It is an insult to me religiously and academically.

  3. Hi there Justin:
    I suggest you attend the biology class. Of course you should pray that God will keep you calm.

    You need to know what they believe and teach, in order to counter their claims. However, if you have ANY doubts whatsoever about your ability to remain calm, and more importantly, that there is even the slightest chance that they might change your mind about your God, then do everything you can to get out of the class. I for one love biology, EVERY day they are discovering more and more unamiginable complexity. Yet, the evolutionists somehow can’t see the light. THIS is the great mystery that I am trying to figure out, how can they not see their errors in logic.


  4. Hello Jim! :) Are you new here? Sorry if you aren’t, I don’t know who visits and who does not.

    That’s what I’m most likely going to do. Now, I think when I wrote the previous statement I was overexagerating (did I spell that correctly?). I loathe evolution to the core, but I don’t think “rage” was the best word for it.

    I doubt that they could ever change my mind about Creation! Hahaha!


  5. Evolution enrages me…I have no problem admitting it. But I can be civil whilst sitting there listening to it. But don’t expect me to not respond to it.

    If I were there, I’d probably point out any outdated information they used. (actually, I did a report on evolution using much outdated information in my ethics class)

  6. Hahaha! Colin, that is exactly what I was planning to do! Especially when we hit archeoepytyrx. My best friend is an evolutionist, so I suspect he’ll be doing a lot of rebuttals. Either way, I don’t need science to prove creation. I’ve got the testimony in my heart.

  7. Great, right now I am in biology and we are studying evolution on the computer. I have to go to some site that’ll teach me the “facts” of evolution. The very first question I have to answer is “Explain evolution in 5 words or less”. So, in parantheses, I put (A down right lie). I’ll have fun with this sheet. Talk to everyone later! God bless!

  8. Hahaha! The only response the sites I’ve looked at have received from me are anger and stunned amazement. I cannot believe the lies that are being perpepuated on these sites for STUDENTS! One of the sites was for children! And of course they try to prove that evolution is not random and that it does not disprove God. ARGH! I wish I could post on these sites! Oh well, gotta go.

  9. First off: Science does prove creation. =) But I think I know what you meant.

    Second off: Are they trying to teach you macro-evolution or micro-evolution?

    Third off: Good answer. A down right lie. I’ll have to remember that.

  10. You are right, Colin, it does. Ah, but not many honest scientists will admit to it. And, they are trying to teach me both. I have no problem with microevolution, it’s the macro- that I get upset with. So, how is everyone today? :)

  11. I threw my philosophy teacher for a loop during an evolution debate. I said I had no problem with micro-evolution (in fact, I said it during a presentation, and he sorta lost that point) then during the question answer part, someone kept using the word “science” in rapid succession so I asked that he define science. And he stuck the word “observable” in there, which was perfect.

    I asked him “What part of evolution have you observed?” and he said “When I was in 11th grade, I observed two different species of fish and discovered that they were really similar.” and I said “Yes, I suppose that proves that they came from a common ancestor, right?” he said, “Of course.” I said “Yeah, it was probably a fish.” My teacher got confused and said “Wait, you believe in micro-evolution?” I said “YES! I said that in my presentation.”

  12. Been away for a while. It is invigorating to see the work of those who are standing up against the evolution lie. Stay the course.

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