Allah saves, or did you mean…?

I came across a fun little site that lets you create your own Google “Did you mean…” search results. I’m not very creative, so I put together this “Allah saves” results page. I liked it, but when I shared that with Glen, he pointed out that the ordinary Google results for “Allah saves” have a bit of humor to them as well.

Here’s a screen capture, which shows a Google search results page for “Allah saves” with Google suggesting the alternative search “Allah says”:

Allah saves or says or…

I’m not sure what to make of that. Does the thought of Allah saving anyone make even Google think you must be mistaken? For comparison, here’s another screen capture of a Google search results page for “Jesus saves,” showing an expected result without any alternative suggestions.

Jesus saves.

Still, what I find interesting is that there are more results for a search for “Allah saves” (without quotes) than for “Jesus saves” (without quotes). Note that I search with Google SafeSearch set to its strictest setting. Disabling SafeSearch didn’t add much to the Allah results, but it caused the “Jesus saves” results to jump by over two hundred thousand.

Exactly what kind of sites are proclaiming “Jesus saves” in some way or another that Google feels the need to filter out? Very curious…

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