Actively Boycotting Online Advertising

Effective later this afternoon when I have time to do such things, I’m beginning a boycott on online advertising. I’ll be removing ads from those sites for which I’m responsible, and I’ll be beefing up my Adblock Plus filters. Update: And lo, it is done.

I’m doing this because I believe, however naively, because I believe the Internet is a better place without the rampant advertising, without sites created just to display ads, and without articles interspersed with ads disguised as links. And frankly, all of this “legitimate” advertising blends right in with “spam,” and I’m beginning to wonder what the difference really is — it’s all unsolicited, after all.

Okay, “however naively” was an understatement. I guess when I was authoring this post, I forgot how stupid I think boycotts truly are. That’s what I get for blogging on whims, I suppose.

I’ll likely be bringing ads back to some of my sites, but I do want to state that I have zero problem with users who wish to block those ads, and links to ad-blocking resources can still be found below. :D

If you haven’t guessed, I’m also not one of those people who sit around watching the Superbowl strictly for the ads… But do you see what’s happening? Everything is becoming more and more not just commercialized but monetized — if something can be made to serve advertiser’s needs, it will be. It’s becoming more and more difficult to find areas of our lives which aren’t ads for something else.

And that’s some mammon I’d just rather not be a part of.

Wish to get separate yourself from the madness a bit?:

Firefox users, check out Adblock Plus.
Internet Explorer users, check out IE7Pro.
Windows users, check out what you can do with the HOSTS file.

Other suggestions are welcome below in the combox.

2 thoughts on “Actively Boycotting Online Advertising”

  1. I understand why you might want to boycott advertising.

    I would only point out that in some ways, the internet would be a much less friendly place without ads.

    Much of the “free” content is only free because of advertising support.

    And, occasionally, an ad informs the viewer of something of value to the viewer.

    Ads have their place.

  2. No doubt they do have their place and I’ve no problem with those who want to use them to make money — I’ve earned several hundred dollars via Google Adsense myself over the past few years, after all. In my experience, ads aren’t worth paying attention to, much less clicking on, and are far too often a distraction from what should be the focal point of the site.

    And to be honest, by the time I clock out of work each day, I’ve had my fill of advertising. :)

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