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I don’t have anything to write about, but I wanted to write something: I love you all–you all rock! I started tracking visitor stats just about a week ago, and I am amazed–lots more visits than I had thought there would be. So, what are you expecting when you visit the site? What kind of content do you want to see? (Yes, like your favorite radio stations, I take requests.) I’m still tossing a few ideas to and fro as to what kind of content I want to focus on.

I could easily fill this blog daily with replies to what others have written online, correcting what I understand to be error and admonishing toward the truth. I would greatly enjoy that very much, but would my readers? I don’t write to be adversarial or cause divisions, and I try to always be loving and patient, but it seems like nowadays correcting someone is seen as more hateful than killing someone. (That would explain why Christians hate having their doctrines judged in light of the Scriptures [they love ecumenism, not yielding to the truth] and also support the wars of the world.)

Hmm, that probably came off as adversarial, didn’t it? I hope not–it wasn’t meant to be. When I state observations, I often do so quite bluntly. Writing “I think this,” or “I feel this” before every observation of mine is too tiresome, and of course they are my ideas and my thoughts if I’m the one writing it. No need to preface it, right? I blame Dad for this one. He never should of told me about the paper he wrote in college that he was accused of ripping off from a book or magazine, simply because he wrote it with an authoritative tone and not the “It may be,” “I think,” and other “fuzzy” terms apparently indicative of freshmen work.

Okay, critically examing other sites, while outrageously enjoyable on my part, may not make the best of blog content if done very often (or does it? You tell me!). What about devotional content? I enjoy writing it, but often it always seems so “common”: cliched and watered down. Nothing in the New Testament is as shallow as some of the devotional books I have access to, and there really should be a warning label on those books to let us know that while they may provide the spiritual sustenance needed by a newborn Christian, those of us in love with the meatier parts of the Word of God wouldn’t get a whole lot out of the devotions. Like Paul, it isn’t pleasant to write in a dumbed down manner. He desired to be able to write unto churches as if everyone there was already knowledgeable enough to teach others. I’d like to be able to make that assumption with my audience as well, but I’m not sure that’d ever be possible in such a freely accessible medium.

Maybe I should just start podcasting–I would love to–but one of my regular readers (Hi, Dad!)–exists in a SpaceTime anomaly where computer technology stopped improving. Were the bulk of my content in audio, I’d leave him in the dark, and I’m certainly not going to do that until he secures a newer computer setup.

I really should go lay down now. I worked all last night, and I’m quite tired. And I’m rambling. Am I rambling? I think I’m rambling.

I don’t even remember why I started this post, to be honest. And at least once while writing the above, I forgot which blog this was. Losing mental coherence is definitely indicative of requiring that dear, sweet thing we know as sleep. And now I’m hungry. Oy.

2 thoughts on “A Quick Note”

  1. awww I’m loved :) ……very flattered :)…..I like the critique of other sites. Cause there’s always people out there that would like something answered. But the odd ministry article or devotional or apologetic or something, you’ve been enjoying is great too. Maybe both?

  2. I most enjoy the posts that track your spiritual journey. Often these are prompted by other sites, but often by something that happened to you in real life.

    You don’t have to constantly critique other sites (I do believe that would get tiresome), but you can react to other sites (I was looking at blank.com and it occured to me that blanks are not all bad…..)

    Variety is rarely bad.

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