A Prayer Band

Last time I blogged, I mentioned that I was really looking forward to growing spiritually with Alicia and really getting involved in whatever ministry we could. Yesterday, Alicia shared with me an idea of hers that I think has quite a bit of merit.

She calls it a “missionary prayer band,” which apparently isn’t that uncommon of a phenemenon, though I’ve never heard that phrase before. She described it as though it was a specialized prayer group–Christians meeting together for the explicit purpose of discussing, praying for, and learning about various missionaries.

Her vision included the ever hopeful “I picture it growing to be pretty big” phrase that I use quite often of any web project I start; and I would really like to see it grow.

We need information on missionaries, though–lots of them. And we’d love to learn more about the cultures they are ministering to as well. Perhaps while studying them we could eat food unique to that area of the world or even learn some of the native language, and so on. It would be great, I think.

It wouldn’t be just us–we’d invite anyone to take part (though our apartment isn’t that big, we could accomodate quite a few. And perhaps it would give me an opportunity to give Bible studies as well, relating it to missionaries and biblical evangelism.

Aside from that, we’ve finally gotten around to visiting Eastview Baptist Church, a small little church on the South side of town. Apparently they are between pastors right now and an interim pastor gave the sermon. The service was short, but it was too the point–a few hymns, and a sermon. And we were told by the music director that were we to join, they’d be happy to put us to work. To me, that was perhaps the best part of the service this morning. I would love to find a place ready to allow us to do more than just pew-sit. Then again, they don’t have pews, so no worries there!

And yes, I know, I’m blogging a lot more often than I thought I would. I start work again tomorrow, so that will take some adjusting to get used to again. Into the Christmas season I go… Forcibly. Christmas is still three months in the future. This is not its season yet. Still have 2.5 months to go before that starts, if not longer!

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