A Few Links for Tuesday, 2007/09/18

  • Hello, Out There #2 — Is it arrogant for Christians to claim to know absolute truth? Dan Phillips weighs in and points out the obvious: If it is arrogant to agree with Jesus that God has revealed His truth to man (which, in reality, isn’t arrogance at all), then it is immeasurably more arrogant for anyone to ever claim that they have found out truth for themselves, that they — in their own wisdom, their own works, or even (more likely) their own foolishness — have found out anything absolutely.
  • Two from Amy Scott‘s linkroll:
    • Hair and Worship from the Faith and Gender blog provides a look at why Paul goes on about hair in 1 Corinthians 11, with an emphasis on the reasons thereof (particularly the “because of the angels” clause).
    • Glory To God Alone » Baptism, Church Membership, and Graduation — This is more of a “note to self” kinda thing. I haven’t read it yet, but am leaving myself the link here so that I can check it out after work.

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