A brief comparison

God elects us because He foresees our having faith in Him; we have faith in Him because we choose to. Salvation, then, begins with the will of man.

God elects us because He foreknows us and loves us despite our sin; we have faith in Him because He has ordained us to belief. Salvation, then, begins with the will of God.

Your kingdom come.
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.

Matthew 6:10, NKJV

7 thoughts on “A brief comparison”

  1. Wow… I am so shocked at this statement that I have come out of my fast to post it here. The following was written by Nelson Price, in “The Christian Index”:

    A mass of people are gathered at a bus stop marked “Planet Earth.” Along comes the Celestial Bus marked “Destination Heaven.” It pulls up and stops. The driver, who is God, opens the door, and says, “All destined for heaven get on board.” A number do. A missionary couple who with zeal have served Christ all their lives start on and God says, “Step aside. You haven’t been chosen to ride this bus.” A couple of infants start on and God tells them to step aside. Persons who from youth have loved and ministered in Christ’s name are told to step aside. As the bus is about to depart and the door is closing God says to those not on board, “Catch the next bus.” “No,” they plead, “here comes the next bus and it is driven by Satan and marked ‘Destination Hell.'”

    “Sorry,” says God. “I didn’t choose to save you. Your love and commitment to Jesus doesn’t matter.”

    Yeah, I’ll respond to it later. Now is not the time. Just wanted to share with you all some of the arguments being used against Reformed theology in today’s society.

  2. I heard Nelson Price preach that same message via a segment shared on Dr. White’s The Dividing Line!

    The simplest answer is this: Reformed theology makes it plain right up front that there are none who are seeking after God!

    That is what Romans teaches. None good! None righteous! None understanding! None seeking!

    To say that they are trying to get into Heaven but are rejected by God is patently absurd! No one can come to God except by Christ, and no one can come to Christ except by the Father, and if the Father is drawing you, you’ll come to Christ and gain access to God no problem! But it is only after God takes away your heart of stone and gives you a heart of flesh that you can believe.

    Just like skeptics who rattle off lame objections against the Bible without bothering to understand anything (if they even can in an unregenerate state), so do non-Calvinists have quite a few rather lame objections and non-arguments against Reformed theology.

    And I’m fine with that. It makes the apologists’ jobs much easier!

  3. Hey everyone! I was just wondering what you all think about Hyper-Calvinism. Hopefully you all see it as terrible as I do. Anyways, post your thoughts regarding that topic. Have a great day everyone!

  4. I know very little about Hyper-Calvinism, so little I can sum it up in two statements:

    1) C.H. Spurgeon argued vehemently against it.
    2) It is antagonistic toward evangelism, despite Romans’ teaching that they cannot believe what they have not heard.

    Those two things alone (primarily the second one) are enough to turn me off to Hyper-Calvinism. Though learn more about it, I should.

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