5 Points on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design

I am not a scientist, nor do I pretend to be, nor does it matter.

If you are not a Christian, you have much more urgent matters to attend to before the subject of origins will ever really matter.

If you are a Christian, there are even more important things for you to worry about than origins.

That being said…

The subject of origins (particularly the seemingly always news-mentioned Evolution vs. Intelligent Design debate) is, for the Bible-believing, Christ-honoring Christian a very simple matter.

First, stop using the term “Intelligent Design.” In the beginning, God created. That may seem picky, but Intelligent Design seems a compromise of truth with lie: “Creation” cannot refer to God guiding the supposed evolution of species, but “Intelligent Design” can. While it may seem appealing to fight long and hard to get Intelligent Design taught in schools, that is in no wise a guarantee of truth.

Second, to the parents out there, if you are concerned with evolution being taught in school, don’t waste your time on the Intelligent Design thing (as above). Rather, make a real statement and pull you kids out from under the hands of Mother Government and teach them yourself. God gave the responsibility to train a child in the way he should go to the parents; if you pull your kids from the public schools and are earnestly seeking to teach them and give them a God-honoring education, believe that God will make a way for you to obey Him. (Remember: Attendance is very important to public schools [the carnal people of the world always enjoy bigger numbers, whether those people are pastors, rulers, teachers, or employers…] When they start seeing their numbers dwindle, they will do what is necessary to get them back up or be forced to shut down.)

Third, Christians need to stop listening to the vain jangling of uniformitarian scientists who would prefer to teach fables rather than the truth. I will never understand how someone who claims to believe the Bible and to believe things like “let God be true, but every man a liar” (Romans 3:4) could then lend their ears to the words of these liars to be led astray. Remember, that God exists is self-evident from that which He created (Romans 1:20). It is so self-evident that God tells us of only one person who doesn’t believe in God: the fool (Psalms 14:1). These scientists, who think themselves wise enough to “correct us” into evolutionary teachings thus become fools (Romans 1:22).

If God calls someone a fool, you would be wise to ignore them, lest you become partaker of the lie.

Fourth, my Christian friends, I said earlier that there are more important things than origins, that being the spread of the gospel. That is the activism most neglected by believers today, but it is the activism God has sanctioned. It will be quite a bit harder for a school to teach lies if all of the faculty and school board were converted to Christianity and taught the truth. Think about that.

Fifth, to the believers in evolution who will undoubtedly read this, you should know that whatever you post here will likely be in vain. Your lies will be seen for what they are, and your challenges will be scrutinized before being answered (Proverbs 26:4-5).

2 thoughts on “5 Points on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design”

  1. You say at the very beginning of your post that you are not a scientist and that the fact that you are not a scientist doesn’t matter. You then go on to discuss a scientific theory. Would you listen to me if I said that I am not a christian, had never read the bible and it doesn’t matter and yet then went on to discuss fine points of theology? You see it does matter, you cannot clearly and correctly discuss any theory, idea or theme that you have not studied. Your posts regarding evolution clearly point out what you freely admit, that you don’t understand evolution and don’t want to.

    If you don’t want to understand evolution, or to study it then don’t, no one is forcing you to but lay off saying on one hand that you don’t understand evolution and on the other hand trying to disprove it. You are just showing how foolish you are.

  2. You must be new to the site, so i’ll forgive you missing the “brazenly atheist” tagline. This post is very old; if you’re interesting in a much more current post revealing what i know, i direct your attention here.

    All that said, from the Christian perspective, scientists are more than capable of being earnestly wrong about evolution; all of the evidence is contorted into being theological consequences of the Fall or the means of God blinding unbelievers to the “obvious truth.” In other words, the natural world is nothing more than something which can be almost entirely ignored in favor of convenient theologies.

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