My 2007 Christmas List, or Things I Forgot to Ask for This Year

I had difficulty this year satisfying several family members’ requests for a list of what I want for Christmas. I honestly think part of that is because I’m no longer a kid, but I haven’t quite realized that completely. What I mean is that when I try to think of things I’d like to have, I think in terms of that which entertains. Toys to a child, video games to a teen, movies and music to everyone else. Most movies I would prefer never to see, most music either insults my intelligence or my faith, most video games I get bored with rather quickly, and I’ve no use for toys.

But when the time comes to think of what I want, I still instinctively try to think of video games, movies, or music. The problem is that most of what’s out there which I would actually want, I already have (which makes it pretty obvious that most of what’s out there I certainly don’t want). And to fill in the “gaps” in the lists I give to family, generalities appear “clothes, socks, books about [insert choice topic here], chocolate,” and so on.

I suppose my list-making methodology works. My family members are really adept at picking out gifts, and I’m more than satisfied with “the haul” this year. The oversights, in fact, aren’t in what people got me (the typical “Santa couldn’t bring it this year, maybe next year” situation many children face each Christmas), but rather in what I asked for.

So, that being said, here are some things I should have asked for but didn’t, simply so I don’t forget them and so that next year I can look back on this and remember to think through what I ask for a bit more thoroughly. (Also, some of these I “dropped hints for” but I don’t consider that to be the same as officially asking for something. If it didn’t appear on paper or in email, it doesn’t count!

  • Tennis shoes; the pair I have now, while wonderfully comfortable, have several holes which are getting larger all the time.
  • Kitsch CoverLight switch & outlet covers; we just moved into our house in September, but we haven’t decorated yet. This gift would have been very affordable and would have made a big difference in some of our rooms. I would love to replace the Catholic-kitsch “I will bless every home where a picture of my heart shall be exposed and honored” switch cover!
  • Car maintenance; a gift certificate good for an oil change or a tire rotation (or to have my car’s suspension replaced! LOL) would have been fantastic.
  • Briefcase; nothing fancy, it doesn’t even have to be a real briefcase. I would, however, greatly appreciate a way to conveniently carry around my Bible, my camera, a notebook, and a small variety of writing utensils.
  • Fireproof safe box; being a homeowner, I’m starting to realize just how many documents I have which probably should be kept in a rather safe place…
  • A paper shredder; as an inverse of the idea just above, there are documents which reach our trash cans which I’d feel much better about if they were cross-shredded beyond repair.
  • An external hard drive; who couldn’t use another 100+ gigabytes of storage? :)
  • Electric self-cleaning razor; anything which reduces the effort required in personal maintenance is a good thing.

And throughout the coming year, I’m going to take more careful note of books which look interesting as I see them so that I can give people a couple of months notice; apparently, my choices of books aren’t the most widely available in the world. :)

They say hindsight is 20/20, so what about you? Anything that you think you should have asked for while you had the chance but totally forgot about when the time to ask arrived? Leave a comment or blog your own super-early 2007 Christmas list.

5 thoughts on “My 2007 Christmas List, or Things I Forgot to Ask for This Year”

  1. *laughs* Age of Empires 3.

    Unlike you, I’m still a teenager and I have no problem admitting I’m a kid too.

    Plus I didn’t really write out a list. I never do. I just ask people for gift cards to Target, Best Buy, etc. It’s easier that way because I never know what I want until I’m actually in the store looking. (and that’s what I ended up getting, a whole lot of gift cards. I also got a 1 GB flash drive…very nice and sleek looking)

  2. Ah, that’s another one I forgot to ask for and forgot to list above: a larger Memory Stick. As it is now, I can only take about 30 pics at a time, not even utilizing the full resolution available.

    And certainly there are games I’d like to have, but I know that no matter how fun they are, I simply get bored with ’em. And besides, I still need to someday finish Ocarina of Time as well as Majora’s Mask…

  3. Hahaha! Ocarina of Time for N64? I love (underline, italicize, and bolden “love”) that game! Majora’s Mask was just too confusing. I got bored with it and went back to Ocarina of Time. Hahaha! Well, mind you, they were my friend’s games and I could only play them when I was at his house. Oh, the memories… We would stay up all night trying to get through a level. But it sure was fun!

    No, I can’t say I missed anything on my Christmas list. Mind you, I still have three more parties to go to, which definately means more gifts. Yay!

    Although, I am sad that I couldn’t find a gift for my brother. It’s a good thing he’s only 16 months old, otherwise he’d remember it and cry every time he sees me. Hahaha! Although on Christmas Eve he did get to take an hour and half long nap in my arms. That was both of our gifts. :)

    Yeah, basically, I only asked for books this year. And shirts. I can never have enough button up dress shirts. OH! I just thought of something I could have asked for! A dress jacket and a tie! Argh! Oh well. I probably wouldn’t use them as much, but you know, it would just be nice to have in case I do need them. I’d never buy one for myself.

    I’m a crazy teenager. All I wanted for Christmas was books, clothes, and money for gas, books, and music. Hahaha!

    Well, I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and that you are all looking forward to a New Year!

  4. No, not for the Nintendo 64, actually. I have a collector’s disk for the GameCube which contains The Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link, Ocarina of Time, and Majora’s Mask. Back when I had my Nintendo 64, I did have Majora’s Mask, but never played it past the initial hide and seek game with the children in the main town. (In essence, that was $40-50 completely wasted on about 20 minutes of gameplay, most of which consisted of cut-scene video.)

  5. *laughs* Yeah, Majora’s Mask did have QUITE a bit of cut scenes.

    When I beat the game, I claimed that they spent more time on the end cut scene then the rest of the game. It took like 10 minutes to get through the last cut scene. It was kind of ridiculous.

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