2006: The Year Ahead

Taking a page out of Chris’ book (err, blog?), I decided to post my plans/goals/resolutions/whatever for 2006 for all to see. And, like Chris, I hope to do a monthly review of how I am doing on these plans. And though some of them are pretty general, they are at least something to strive for. If you know me and think that other things should have been in this list, think to remind me in 2007 (or just leave a comment).

I’ll fill in the details in monthly updates; for now, just a list in no particular order whatsoever…

  1. Replace my computer monitor.
  2. Begin writing a book.
  3. Find a church home.
  4. Evangelize more, and faithfully so.
  5. Develop OpenWord out of its infancy.
  6. Exercise regularly, even if just a bit.
  7. Reduce greatly or eliminate caffeinated beverages from my diet.
  8. Attend at least one play or musical production (movie conversions don’t count).
  9. Write at least one php application.
  10. Finish Final Fantasy IV Advance.
  11. Read at least 12 books.
  12. Have daily quiet-time with God and His word.
  13. Remember my 1st wedding anniversary. :)
  14. Reduce the amount of entertainment (movies, television, gaming, etc.) I feed my mind.
  15. Write one useful phpBB modification.
  16. Become more punctual.

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