2006 Goals — January Recap

With January past, here is an update on how I’m doing with my goals for 2006:

  1. Replace my computer monitor. — Nope, not yet. I have decided I’m going to stick with a CRT monitor, though I may go a step larger with a 19″, if possible.
  2. Begin writing a book. — I’ve tossed around so many ideas in my head, but I haven’t put anything on paper yet. I am convinced that focusing on angels, demons, and other spirit species would be interesting enough to flesh out a book. Plus, there’s enough confusion and myth surrounding angels–even within the churches–to warrant a book which expounds the truths about them, as found in the Bible.
  3. Find a church home. — Nothing to report yet. The type of church I want so much to attend can only be found several hours away. Locally, to the best of my knowledge, the only churches which I know will teach a true gospel (i.e., no “loss of salvation” or Calvinism stuff, no “works-based” stuff, and so on) are also strictly KJV-only, with the exception of CBT. Well, I’ve recently made my opinion very clear on that. It isn’t uncommon ’round these parts and elsewhere in fundamentalism to think those who don’t hold the KJV solely dear are apostate… And can an “apostate” effectively serve in a church if he isn’t allowed to do so? On this, I have no idea, but I have — praise God — found the fellowship of my brethren online both at the Fellowship Hall and the Brethren Apologetics Forum, and via instant messaging.
  4. Evangelize more, and faithfully so. — I’ve been able to talk about spiritual things with my coworkers more easily, but finding the boldness to preach a straight and true Gospel is still difficult.
  5. Develop OpenWord out of its infancy. — It’s still teething, I think.
  6. Exercise regularly, even if just a bit. — I did situps I think back around the 6th or 7th…
  7. Reduce greatly or eliminate caffeinated beverages from my diet. — Well, I *was* doing good, but have laxed up a bit lately. I did notice, however, that when I started going back to caffeine, I was extremely tired.
  8. Attend at least one play or musical production (movie conversions don’t count). — Alicia & I will be going to see “Stomp” in just a couple of weeks.
  9. Write at least one php application. — Nope. Nada.
  10. Finish Final Fantasy IV Advance. — Well, it got boring. And I may consider this goal null, anyway. There are better ways to use my time, and I have been having much more fun serving my brethren online in website maintenance and stuff.
  11. Read at least 12 books. — One book down, 11 to go. In January, I read the excellent God Is Not…, a series of essays edited by D. Brent Laytham which show that God is not many things which Christians seem to think He is: nice, religious, “one of us,” American, or capitalist. The book does have some Roman Catholic overtones due to one of the contributers being a member of the Church of Rome, but it certainly does not cloud the main points of the articles. This book is definitely worth a read if you’re more concerned with worshiping the true God of the Bible rather than a modern idol suitable to the majority of American churches.
  12. Have daily quiet-time with God and His word. — While this isn’t a daily thing yet, it has certainly been of more frequent occurrence.
  13. Remember my 1st wedding anniversary. :) — Obviously, I won’t know about this one until September…err… when was it again?? ;)
  14. Reduce the amount of entertainment (movies, television, gaming, etc.) I feed my mind. — Slightly better. Spending more time serving the brethren online has helped with this a lot, not to mention the reading and the massive loads of exercising
  15. Write one useful phpBB modification. — Probably going to be an integration of Bad Behavior, which will be both useful and easy!
  16. Become more punctual. — No comment. None. Whatsoever.

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