2 Little Things

I don’t know why but these two little applications have existed on my server for quite some time now… Okay, I know why they are there; still, I don’t know why I ever spent so much time working on them. :)

The first is the Angel Creator. It’s actually a modified version of FrostJedi’s Graemlin Creator; I use “angel” because it means “messenger,” and it lets you create silly things like this:

Over the top angel example

Okay, that’s a bit over-the-top, but you get the idea. ((I have the image set to a max-width of 490px via CSS; if a longer Bush quote is shown, it may cause the image to be displayed smaller than its regular size — i.e., crappy. If that’s the case, click the image to view it full size!))

Second is a site completely created by me from scratch: Random Card. Pick a card, any card… Or, let the website do it for you! If you can think of a use for this site, feel free to use it for it. Otherwise, it just rests there on the server, unloved and unused. Poor thing.

Maybe someday I’ll work on developing both a little bit further. Or maybe not. I might break something… Actually, I’m very likely to! (You’d be surprised just how many ways it is possible to break a simple little script that displays a random card!)

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