134% Colder vs. Global Warming

I just looked at my gas bill for the end of April and most of May; near the “Consumption History” graph, there is a statement which compares this billing period with the previous period as well as the same period last year.

As should be expected, May was warmer than April (51% warmer, according to the bill). What caught my eye was that this May was 134% colder than last year’s!

I know of plenty of people who would look at that as evidence that global warming is about as bogus as Big Foot being invited over to Area 51 to have tea with the Queen of the Nebulon Empire.

Still, I’m almost certain I’ve read that if global warming is a factual thing, we wouldn’t only see temperature increases. Rather, the overall trend would be toward heating while there would be cycles of unusual cold as well. I’m also fairly certain that I’ve read that global warming could paradoxically trigger an ice age.

As a matter of practicality, though, I’m looking at this bill, and I can’t help but focus on the fact we used about 3.19 times as much natural gas to heat our home this year than we did last May.

3 thoughts on “134% Colder vs. Global Warming”

  1. Global WARMING can cause excessive warming or lead to an ice age? Those models are not very exact in their predictions are they? Whichever models produce those two polar opposite predictions cannot be said to be compatible. — John M Reynolds

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