10 Days Till 9rules Round 5! An Invitation to Join

For those of you who are not in the know, 9rules is a com­mu­ni­ty of blog­gers who pub­lish the world’s best blogs.:”(I say that bit­ing my lip as I don’t feel Tim­o­th­y’s Bur­den is one of the world’s best blogs, but it was mirac­u­lous­ly induct­ed into the fold, which I am thank­ful for!)”: These blogs cov­er a diverse assort­ment of top­ics, from ani­mé to music, sci­ence to sports. Each top­ic is its own com­mu­ni­ty with­in the com­mu­ni­ty, orga­niz­ing the mem­ber blogs by con­tent. Like the top­ics them­selves, the mem­ber count can vary great­ly: the sci­ence com­mu­ni­ty has four mem­ber blogs while the design com­mu­ni­ty has forty-nine! The com­mu­ni­ty which I am a part of, the reli­gion com­mu­ni­ty, cur­rent­ly is home to nine blogs.

As mem­bers of the 9rules com­mu­ni­ty and its sub-com­mu­ni­ties, blog­gers have their con­tent syn­di­cat­ed from the front page of 9rules, cur­rent­ly a PageR­ank 7 page, as well as the main page for the spe­cif­ic con­tent com­mu­ni­ty to which they are orga­nized. That expo­sure alone is worth membership! 

I have called 9rules a com­mu­ni­ty inten­tion­al­ly as that is what it is: join­ing 9rules con­nects you with hun­dreds of oth­er mem­bers from dozens of fields and even more walks of life, mem­bers who are pas­sion­ate about what they do and about the com­mu­ni­ty. Mem­bers of 9rules col­lab­o­rate, share infor­ma­tion, share leads, dis­cuss con­tent, and just about any­thing else which would ben­e­fit your blog. If you are a pro­fes­sion­al blog­ger, the ben­e­fit is all the more notice­able. And while 9rules Notes pro­vides a glimpse of just how won­der­ful the com­mu­ni­ty aspect of this is, there is some­thing even sweet­er that mem­bers get to enjoy!

There is also the “9rules flower effect.” Once I learned what the Net­work was, every time I noticed the 9rules flower on a blog I was vis­it­ing, I would be remind­ed of the claim about hav­ing the best blogs in the world, and I would pay slight­ly more atten­tion to what that blog­ger was say­ing in his or her entries. I’m cer­tain I’m not the only blog brows­er out there like that either, so becom­ing a mem­ber and being grant­ed per­mis­sion to dis­play the 9rules flower on your web­site is cer­tain­ly a ben­e­fit to mem­ber­ship, as far as I’m concerned!

All that being said, I want to per­son­al­ly extend an invi­ta­tion espe­cial­ly to any reli­gious blog­gers that might be read­ing. As I said ear­li­er, the 9rules Reli­gion Com­mu­ni­ty has nine blogs, includ­ing mine. There is plen­ty of room to grow, and I for one would enjoy dis­cov­er­ing more great blogs on a top­ic I love so much. I’m pret­ty sure all our mem­ber blogs right now are Chris­t­ian of one kind or anoth­er, but I might be wrong; regard­less, let me be clear that this isn’t a 9rules Chris­t­ian Com­mu­ni­ty. I would love to see more vari­ety in the group. I may dis­agree with a blog whole­heart­ed­ly, but being mutu­al­ly part of some­thing is a large open door for dis­cus­sion via blogs, Notes, or the mem­ber forum.

What­ev­er kind of reli­gious blog­ging you do, I encour­age you to sign up! Check out what they look for in a site, and if you are will­ing to stick with the mem­ber­ship commitments,:“About 9rules(

  • No mat­ter how beau­ti­ful your site is, your con­tent is what it’s all about. Keep the good stuff comin’!
  • Get­ting stale is for bread, not for blogs. Always be will­ing to grow as a blog­ger and to improve your blog.
  • Remem­ber that being part of 9rules is being part of a com­mu­ni­ty. Be com­mit­ted to that com­mu­ni­ty and help it when you can. Each of us brings some­thing unique to the fold, and it is bet­ter because of it!

)”:http://9rules.com/about/ then be sure to learn all about 9rules Round 5, a 24-hour win­dow to sub­mit your site, and it’s just 10 days away! Sub­mis­sion does­n’t mean that you’ll be accept­ed, but you can always check out the 9rules blog for all sorts of infor­ma­tion about what they look for when accept­ing blogs.

I look for­ward to a grow­ing Reli­gion Com­mu­ni­ty, to new dis­cus­sions, and to bet­ter blog­ging all around!

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