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  • Work, Work, Work

    Third shift is lame… I promise to get back to more reg­u­lar post­ing once I can get back on a nor­mal sleep sched­ule and can think straight for longer peri­ods of time… Error hap­pened.

  • The Amazing Chocolateer

    Grow­ing up, I was quite the fan of Willy Won­ka and the Choco­late Fac­to­ry grow­ing up, most­ly watch­ing it when it was shown in school. It did­n’t do much to fur­ther our edu­ca­tion, but we enjoyed it. At least I did. The remake made me a bit skep­ti­cal. I’m a fan of Tim Bur­ton’s works, but […]

  • Creationism + Old-Earth Geology = Truth?

    I would­n’t be sur­prised if I am lynched from all direc­tions over this one, but in response to a recent Slash­dot arti­cle “Equal Time for Cre­ation­ism,” I have to say that, in my semi-edu­cat­ed, hon­est opin­ion, both the Cre­ation­ism move­ment and the Dar­win­ian evo­lu­tion move­ment are wrong, though not com­plete­ly on either count.  Error hap­pened.

  • Marketing the Hall

    Much to my sur­prise, if you search Google for fel­low­ship hall (with­out quotes), The Fel­low­ship Hall Chris­t­ian Forums turn up in the fifth space and are the first Chris­t­ian result in the list. (Admit­ted­ly, how­ev­er, the link refers to Beck­man Min­istries home page, but con­sid­er­ing that the Hall is the most impor­tant part of our site…) […]

  • Your Employer Owns You

    Appar­ent­ly it’s now legal for Amer­i­can employ­ers to ban their employ­ees from frat­er­niz­ing while off duty. I’ve seen dozens of “stu­pid laws” lists, in which fun is poked at old laws that still hap­pen to be on the books; per­haps Amer­i­ca’s look­ing to update the stu­pid laws lists to include more mod­ern variations? Who knows. […]

  • Y! Can’t Park?

    I’ve seen some funky park­ing jobs at the White­wa­ter Val­ley Shop­ping Cen­ter here in town, but none of them com­pare to Yahoo!‘s park­ing lots. Am I the only one think­ing it’d be slight­ly inter­est­ing to see a com­par­i­son between the Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo!‘s lots? Yeah, probably… Error hap­pened.

  • Responding to

    Shawn of The Chris­t­ian Exam­ple gives anoth­er con­cise reply to the KJV-only­ism teach­ings of; I par­tic­u­lar­ly enjoyed this response as it uses a pop­u­lar KJV-only­ism tac­tic against itself: KJV-only­ists often cite verse upon verse from mod­ern ver­sions which seem to dimin­ish or oth­er­wise obscure the fact that Jesus Christ is God. Shawn quotes a […]

  • Buy Those Toys

    2,000+ clear­ance price changes in the toy depart­ment today, most like­ly in Wal-marts nation­wide… If you know of any­one look­ing to buy toys ear­ly for Christ­mas or for birth­days or what­ev­er, get ’em while they’re there. // So hop­ing that I can unload most of this mer­chan­dise before the depart­ment reset in two weeks! Error hap­pened.

  • The Jesus Tree?

    Chris­tians are flock­ing in Bosnia to a tree which is now home to, as some describe it, a “freak of nature”–a sup­posed image of Jesus which appeared in the mark­ings left from when a branch was cut off. 1) Not only are such “nat­ur­al icons” nev­er found in Scrip­ture, we are also nev­er told what […]

  • Oprah Winfrey on the Gospel

    There seems to be no lack of Oprah fans with­in the Chris­t­ian church; I won­der if any of those fans would be sur­prised to learn of Oprah’s beliefs which under­mine one of the foun­da­tion­al truths of the Bible: “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto […]

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