The Inter­net is full of ways to score our­selves, to see our per­son­al­i­ties or minds graphed out on charts, and so on. They’re fun and inter­est­ing, but at the end of the day, we aren’t marks on a score­card (prob­a­bly), and that’s why they are here labeled as vanities.

The fol­low­ing scores, if undat­ed, are cur­rent as of 2011-11-28.

  • IQ: 126
  • Polit­i­cal Com­pass results: ‑4.25 eco­nom­ic left/right, ‑5.64 social libertarian/authoritarian (left-lean­ing libertarian)
  • The Big Five Per­son­al­i­ty Test: O65-C58-E22-A50-N14
    • Open­ness to Experience/Intellect: 65th per­centile, “rel­a­tive­ly open to new experiences”
    • Con­sci­en­tious­ness: 58th per­centile, “nei­ther orga­nized or disorganized”
    • Extra­ver­sion: 22nd per­centile, “shy away from social situations”
    • Agree­able­ness: 50th per­centile, “nei­ther extreme­ly for­giv­ing nor irritable”
    • Neu­roti­cism: 14th per­centile, “prob­a­bly remain calm, even in tense situations”
  • Autism score
    • 22 (2011−11−28)
    • 20 (2015−09−27)
  • Human­metrics Jung Typol­o­gy Test: INTP
    • strong pref­er­ence of Intro­ver­sion over Extra­ver­sion (89%)
    • dis­tinc­tive pref­er­ence of Intu­ition over Sens­ing (62%)
    • mar­gin­al or no pref­er­ence of Think­ing over Feel­ing (1%)
    • slight pref­er­ence of Per­ceiv­ing over Judg­ing (11%)
  • Geek Code:
      Version: 3.20
      GO dpu  a-- c++++ C+++ B+++  w-- L+ M++ u--- W+++ H++++ Z++
      F+ PS++ PE Y PGP T++ S++++ J- R m+ tv+ b+ DI++++ D+
      e+ h---- A++++ r++ y++++
    ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------
Rick Beckman