Fixing NewsBlur’s “Story” Pane When Browsing Securely on Firefox 23

Ever since the shuttering of Google Reader, I’ve been an avid, several-times-a-day user of NewsBlur, which while it isn’t free if you have over sixty-four feeds, has served my purposes nicely.

One of my favorite features of NewsBlur is its ability to load the actual page a feed entry refers to within a frame of its news reader.

Certain feeds, such as the Dilbert Daily Strip feed, don’t display the content itself, encouraging subscribers to click through to the actual site. With Google Reader, that’s just what I had to do: click through. NewsBlur’s “Story” feature, though, allowed the viewing of these “click through” feed entries from within NewsBlur’s interface, which was fantastic!

Unfortunately, recently I noticed this feature stop working. Continue reading

Then to Now: A Blogger’s Tale

I have been on the Internet and making web pages for nearly twenty years. Yeah… I think I made my first website around 1995–1997, using hosting space provided by Dad’s Internet hosting provider, Comteck. It didn’t have its own domain name, but I was proud to have written all of the markup for it by hand, using (if I remember correctly) Netscape Composer and a copy of HTML for Dummies. (Pretty sure that was HTML 3.2. I miss its simplicity at times.)

Hand-written markup would eventually give way to Microsoft FrontPage (*cringe*). What it lacked in elegance, it made up for in efficiency — I was publishing websites as if it were as easy as tying my shoes. FrontPage lost its luster, though, when I realized how badly it was limiting me, and I eventually discovered Dreamweaver and began once again hand-writing a lot of my markup, often with the use of free templates I would find and modify to my liking.

In time, WordPress landed on my radar, and I never looked back. I tried numerous content management systems — even shelled out money for several of them — but all of them seemed so… unpolished compared to WordPress, even back then.

And I began to blog. Too much, at times. I found membership with 9rules prior to… whatever it was that seems to have killed that network. It was during this time I met a ton of other fantastic bloggers. I found my humble attempt at blogging being linked to from other, more established, far more interesting blogs. Continue reading

Ten So-Called Fallacies of Atheism

The following has been passed around among a few friends of mine on Facebook, in Bible study groups and the like. It was presumably written by a friend, alias Juan DeChristo. Because it is the nature of the members of the Bible study groups to attack anything posted to their groups like ravenous piranha, making proper discussion difficult to say the least, I’m posting my response here, where I can use proper block quoting. Continue to find out what Juan doesn’t understand about atheism.

The Bible vs. Simple Physics

About two years ago, I posted a note on Facebook which explained why the laws of physics (and really, common sense) prohibit the construction of the temple as described in 1 Kings 6 and 1 Chronicles 22. A brief discussion ensued afterward in which a pastor (and good friend) attempted to defend what the Bible said. However, the situation continually worsened for the Bible, as what it describes in physical terms (i.e., without hiding behind miracles) was revealed to be all the more physically impossible.

Because this example plainly shows the absurdity of the Bible, I’m republishing it here for your consideration, and I welcome any and all feedback on it. What follows is “The Bible vs. Simple Physics” as originally published May 18, 02011. Continue reading

Advocating for a Secular Now (#secularnow)